We have
reduced over 16,800,000cm in body girth.

A stretch from Schaffhausen

to Stuttgart.
We lost over 4,200,000KG
in fat.
That corresponds to the weight of

4,200 cars
We have conjured countless smiles on the
faces of women and
Then we thought. Let's make
a unique, turnkey
concept out of it.

The vision of BODYTERIA Vitality Studios is, to become the first and natural partner for people to effectively improve, sustain und promote their well-being, attractiveness and quality of life.

BODYTERIA combines innovative technologies with unique health solutions, with the aim of achieving immediate and noticeable results. We could try to describe how our customers feel after using the Divinia Ultra System, or what they feel when they enjoy a UR-Vitality² health drink. But we decided to leave it with a quote from Stravinsky: “The reason music is so difficult to talk about is, that it is so much more, what it is.”

- Sascha Kress, CO-Founder & CEO - BODYTERIA Vitality Studios


Increase in burnout and work-life imbalance

Increase in aging population

Rise in revenues form pharma and fitness industry

Increase in obesity

Rise in national and international health expenditures

4 out of 10 mortality cases associated with behavioural risk factors

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Unsatisfying Solutions




Cardiovascular Training | Muscle workout and strengthening


Hard to overcome comfort zone | Results only after substantial time and effort | Frustration to achieve precise results at target areas | Issue with skin and cellulite remain | Psychological and physiological entry barriers for obese people and seniors




Reduction of calories | Optimize nutritional intake | Possible shift towards healthy diet


Lack of physiological muscle work | Lack of active metabolic process | Frustration to achieve precise results at target areas | Issue with skin and cellulite remain | High risk of JoJo-Effect with detrimental effect on body form and shape




Focused and targeted removal of fat depots and accumulations


Invasive and risky process | No active muscular work | Fat metabolism for long term results remains inactive | Shifting the burden risk moving fat accumulation to other areas | Lack of change in food intake and healthy supplements

OECD/European Observatory on Health systems and Policies (2019): Deutschland. Länderprofil Gesundheit 2019. State of Health in the EU.

Vitality Studio

The BODYTERIA Vitality Studio is a new holistic concept focused on aesthetic, health and longevity. The concept combines proven and patented none-invaisve aesthetic and health technologies, with innovative, delicious vitality drinks based on Ayurveda Philosophy. For vitality and beauty from within, we incorporate latest scientific breakthroughs, to ensure the active herbal ingredients deliver the best results. The synergetic effect of activating various and interconnected physiological processes, increased metabolism and paired with an new chronobiological BMI management, leads to impressive instant and sustained results, especially when treating overweight, obesity or specific skin and body imperfections. Observational studies and thousands of impressive recorded results, reassures our customers that our concept lives up to the high expectations and that they can trust as a partner for their health, aesthetic and general well-being.

Innovative Technologie + personalisierte Vital Lösungen

Unique Technologies.
Results. Instantly.

For Aesthetic

For health and vitality

Strengthening of back muscles & posture
Strengthening of pelvic muscles
Improvement in mobility and strengthening of muscles as prevention
Improvement of metabolism and wellbeing

Range of Treatments

Unique personalized vitality.
That you feel. Immediately.

SliepGood: Regeneration, stress reduction, restful sleep and acid-base balance

ShapingYU: Der revolutionäre All-in-One Shake. BMI Optimierung, vollwertiger Mahlzeiten Ersatz, Energie Spender, reguliert den Appetit, reich an pflanzlichen Proteinen.

IQ-Immun²: Die Power des Ayurveda verpackt in einer innovativen Liposomal Lösung!

Cocos Divine: Das weltweit Erste Heißgetränk speziell für die Frau. Die Komplettversorgung in einem Getränk: Haut, Energie, Figur und Vitalität!

Amazing Macaffee: Das weltweit erste Vitality Heißgetränk. Mehr Energie, längere Konzentration, bessere Leistung und ein gesundes Herz.

AgileYU: Ayurvedische Power Formel für Knochen, Gelenke und Bewegungsfreiheit.

CURLiFety: Einzigartige Ayurveda Formel für gesundes Altern. Bildet neue Energiezellen, Stärkt das Herz, macht die Arterien frei und geschmeidig, Schützt die Nerven und das Immunsystem!

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