We have
reduced over 16,800,000cm in body girth.

A stretch from Schaffhausen

to Stuttgart.
We lost over 4,200,000KG
in fat.
That corresponds to the weight of

4,200 cars
We have conjured countless smiles on the
faces of women and
Then we thought. Let's make
a unique, turnkey
concept out of it.

Our vision is that BODYTERIA Vitality Studios will become the first and natural choice for people to effectively improve and sustainably promote their well-being, attractiveness and quality of life through unique concepts

BODYTERIA combines innovative technologies with unique health solutions, with the aim of achieving immediate and noticeable results. We could try to describe how our customers feel after using the Divinia Ultra System, or what they feel when they enjoy a UR-Vitality² health drink. But we decided to leave it with a quote from Stravinsky: “The reason music is so difficult to talk about is, that it is so much more, what it is.”

- Sascha Kress, Management BODYTERIA Global Licensing Group

Unique Technologies.
Results. Instantly.



With the unique ProCea © system we share the collagen secret with you. The secret lies in the innovative method of the revolutionary ProCea © carrier frequency wave technology. A low frequency of 500 kHz is transferred to the cell level in order to activate the bio-stimulation and all cell matrix regenerators there. The cell begins to form hyaluronic acid and collagen itself again and the existing collagen contracts due to the “shrinking” effect.


Divinia ECO

Divinia Ultra © by Neuromeditec combines unique technologies in an innovative aesthetic and wellness system. The HRS© and HFT© technology developed by Neuromeditec works synergistically and activates, in a very relaxed position, the body’s own potential to successfully treat overweight, optimize problem areas, preventively strengthen muscles, recharge new energy and much more … You will be surprised, what can happen after laying down for 45-minutes!



Painful hair removal is finally over. Innovative Multipulslight technology with multiple energy transfer, allows impressive results just after a couple of sessions. In a relaxed position and without the common heated sensation , the MPL4G application is not only very pleasant, but can also be used all year round. Hair removal has never been so effective and without the known side effects such as allergic reactions, pigment disorders or scarring.

Range of Treatments

Unique personalized vitality.
That you feel. Immediately.

SliepGood: Regeneration, stress reduction, restful sleep and acid-base balance

ShapingYU: BMI optimization / meal replacement.

IQ-Immun²: Cell protection and the immune system.

Cocos Divine: For women, energy, vitality, skin & immune system.

Amazing Macaffee: Energy, Concentration and Immune System.

AgileYU: Ayurvedic power for mobility in old age.

CURLiFety: Einzigartige Ayurveda Formel für gesundes Altern. Bildet neue Energiezellen, Stärkt das Herz, macht die Arterien frei und geschmeidig, Schützt die Nerven und das Immunsystem!

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